How to Export Mailbox Database Into Diverse Formats

Exchange Recovery Tool gets easy steps via screenshots to export EDB files into dissimilar file formats. These simple guidelines hold up to their clients that how to move their mailboxes into Outlook PST, MSG & EML or a live EDB formats without any complexity.

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Steps to Recover Corrupted EDB Files

Step: 1 Firstly click on Add File Button

Step: 2 Next click on Browse option to select EDB file

Step: 3 Then choose desired EDB file from multiple Exchange EDB files & click Open Choice.

Step: 4 In next screen you have twp option for database recovery first one is quick recovery and another one is advanced scanning option for highly corrupted EDB files. This application automatically load STM file if both available at the same path & then click on Add file option.

Step: 5 After that you can see the scanning procedure of Exchange EDB files.

Step: 6 Now scanning process of Exchange database files speedily completed.

Step: 7 You can click on + option to view entire items & their data from multiple user mailboxes.

Step: 8 Then you can click on Normal Mail View option to see complete emails.

Step: 9 Click on Attachment option to directly view all attachments without open any email.

Step: 10 To export EDB emails click on right & Export option will be shown just click on it to export database into PST format.

Step: 11 Otherwise click on Export option shown in the top of the menu bar.

Move Exchange Mailbox Database Into PST File

Step: 1 Once completed scanning process you can convert EDB files into Outlook PST format. On the next screen you can observe Browse option just click on it and select the desired path to save PST file with check or uncheck desired items on the right panel & then click on Export choice.

Choice of Split PST: In this choice you can assign size limit for split PST between 2 GB to 45 GB, it all depends on your need.

Step: 2 Then the exporting process of EDB files will be in progress shown on the next screen.

Step: 3 A message comes out that exporting process successfully completed.

Step: 4 Next our tool generates a report in CSV file format.

Step: 5 If you want to get CSV report then click on save option else not click on cancel to ignore.

Step: 6 At last software provide exact path of CSV report.

Convert Exchange EDB File into MSG Format

Step: 1 This application also provides another format named as MSG for converting Exchange mailboxes into MSG file format. Easily follow below directions step by step

Step: 2 Next click on Browse choice to select desired path for restore Exchange mailboxes as well as check or uncheck desired files & folders which you want to move then click on Export option.

Step: 3 After that screen shows the exporting procedure of EDB to MSG Conversion will be in progress.

Step: 4 You can view the message on next screen that successfully finished process.

Step: 5 Now our software creates a report in CSV file format.

Step: 6 If you get this report then click on save option else not click on cancel to disregard it.

Step: 7 When you save report then next screen shows the proper path.

Transfer Exchange Emails Into EML File Format

Step: 1 If you want to export Exchange Emails into EML format, just click on EML option & follow below simple steps. This option only available for EDB emails

Step: 2 After that choose Browse option to mention path for saving EDB emails and analysis files & folders just click on it that located in right side panel.

Step: 3 Next you can see the exporting method of EDB to EML Migration.

Step: 4 Then procedure successfully completed message shown in the next screen.

Step: 5 After the exporting method software makes a report in CSV file format.

Step: 6 Want to save report just click on save choice otherwise click on cancel.

Step: 7 At last screen you can view the complete path of EDB to EML process.

Migrate Exchange EDB to New Server

Step: 1 Exchange Recovery Software provides another option 12th screen as Exchange for those users who want their inaccessible EDB file into healthy Live Exchange Server. If you want then click on Exchange option & goes with lower steps

Step: 2 Then you have to enter Alias Name to import Exchange EDB database files.

Step: 3 Now tool quickly export data into your given Alias Name just click on Export option.

Step: 4 After that tool shows you the exporting procedure of Exchange to Exchange Conversion.

Step: 5 Next tool shows the message of fruitfully complete process in few minutes.

Step: 6 Then this utility creates a CSV report for resultant file location.

Step: 7 If you need this report click on save option or else click on cancel to ignore it.

Step: 8 In last screenshot you can see the entire path of CSV file.

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